Yıldırım yayınları 5.sınıf ingilizce çalışma kitabının sayfa 9 ile sayfa 15 arasındaki tüm cevapları

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Yıldırım yayınları 5.sınıf ingilizce çalışma kitabının sayfa 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 cevapları
Read the sentences. Match them with the pictures.
_ a) He gets up at seven o'clock.
_ b) He has breakfast at 8 o'clock.
_ c) He goes to school at half past nine.
_ d) He has lunch at school at half past twelve.
_ e) He leaves school at 3 o'clock.
_ f) He returns home from school at half past four.
F Answer the questions.
1. When does your father get out of bed?
2. What time do you and your family have breakfast?
3. How do you go to school?
4. What does your mother watch in the evenings?
G Ask questions to your friend about his/her daily life and complete the list. Example: What do you usually do at nine a.m.?
A Match the countries on the map with their names.
 Sweden  Australia  Turkey  Italy Japan
B Read the text and answer the questions.
My name is Dcwid. I live in Canterbur^ It is a small town in England. I like this t0Wn because it is a g00d place. Canterbury is fam0us f0r its Cathedral. My fav0urite place is the Canterbury Tales building. I see old buildings and visit museums there.

1. Where is Canterbury?
2. What is Canterbury fam0us f0r?
3. What is David's fav0urite place in Canterbury?
4. What d0es David do there?
 Where are the people? Complete the sentences with the places in activity C.
Helen is a cashier. She is at work now, so she is at the market
Kevin likes reading in his free time. He is at the_
My grandfather is ill now, so he is at the_.
Children are at the_, so they can swing.
They want to watch a film now, so they are at the_
She needs money now, so she is at the
In his free time.
They can buy bread now because they are at the . 1. The hospital is __
2. The park is_
3. The chemist is _
4. The bus-stop is .
5. The mosque is _
6. The chemist is _
_the mosque and the car park.
. the car park.
_the hospital.
_the park.
_the hospital.
_the café and the supermarket.

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